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Park is Knot dead. Airush welcomes; Rami Gallart!

Tack once said; There are ramis and there is Rami. Fresh with a "Welcome to Airush" part from the REAL slider park in Cape Hatteras filmed in a few days of wind. We are excited to meet up with him this summer for many more sessions and plenty of bants. Congrats Rami on the new sponsor!

How are you matey whats going on?

Mateyy! whats up, been really good, stoked to be back in a similar schedule as we used to. We been travelling with the boys together (Ewan, Katie, Tack, Hela, and Tom for a bit too) since April. It’s been really fun, tons of banz, some surfing, skating, not much wind but well its part of it.

Congrats on the new sponsor you must be stoked. When did it all happen?

Thanks yeah, I’m really stoked with it. It felt a bit of an apocalypse the timing last year of LF being out of business, covid and so on, but it end up resulting in an awesome outcome. It Happened around the end of September last year, Eric Braojos and Sam think even the same day both hyped on bringing me to the team, and at the same time, the ex-Lf distributor of Argentina was starting to sell Airush so it all timed perfectly. The only thing that didn’t work out that well was Argentinean customs ahah classic, end up ridding my kite by February.

Hahah the Argentina customs must be a mess! How is the new gear?

Its kinda obvious gonna say, but the gear its lit ahah, but honest the kite was soo easy to adapt. On my second session I would already have most of my tricks and feeling the kite not just pulling to get the tricks done. And the board is a sick park freestyle hybrid was just missing a bit of a bigger size, but its been worked out. New sizes coming... Lets add a bit of gossip to the chat ahah.

What are your plans this year?

Plans are quite a hard thing lately haahah, you can ask Ewan about it, its hard to book a flight with more than a week in advance. But there are some certain destinations for sure, hood river, brazil and I guess Mexico will be the two weeks qualifier for hood no? Im really keen on an Argentina trip with the boys after brasil too, I think already told but well again the invitation its there.

For sure maybe this year is the one! Knot Future trip to Argentina would be nice. Hatteras looked fun, we all miss it so much. How was it out there?

Man felt so good in the soul to be back there. It was like yeah, they took as a lot of things comps, travelling, time with friends, summer; but nothing matters now in Hatteras you could totally forget that things been so weird. Park mission, brewskins, bbq, skating, and banz in a daily base did that. Also was pretty sick what of a big of a park crew there was between the instructors at real, when finally a southwest would blow the hype was high in that launching grass.

That corrugated pipe setup was sick. How about the "Hot Box"?

Yeah corrugated are always fun, its mod that almost never goes wrong. The Hot Box was fcking fun to ride, we didn’t have that many sessions as we didn’t have that many SW but we probably had it like 6 times out there. So much stuff to do, and as well one really cool part of it is that if the wind shift a little bit it will may worse for one line but for sure better for another one.

Its definitely harder than other stuff we had but you start to get consistent lines after riding long enough, and when you get your trick with a perfect full pull through it feels so insane. Was cool to have half pipe half box park hopefully the pipe keep taking control of the parks ahah

Yes! I agree I'd love to see more and more pipes as well as more technical hand rails. Hey but most importantly; Is park dead?

Definitely not, I never had that many people from home and other countries near asking me how to build, approach a rail, etc. I believe the hyped on it from different spots its growing, with even a lot of people than had never tried it. I think its quite a bit the approach we had towards the riding what they look forward the most, that its not only about trying the hardest rotation it’s as or more important how it feels the trick and how you use that to express yourself.

What happened for sure though its all the content and events slow down or stopped cause still there are not that many parks around and traveling its still a key part of it, but I guess not for long. Parks or at least a feature or two, are becoming way more common around spots.

So final answer its not ahah, and Its gonna bloom in hood. Cant waiting to start moding the park.

See you in Hood River matey and congrats on the new spono!