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Father Ocean by Ramiro Gallart.

Rami or Romi as some might call him might as well be president of Argentina. Maybe it's just me but I swear every time I see him he's surrounded by fellow countrymen who share the same love for mate, asados, kiteboarding and good times. Recently spotted working alongside Prema Kiteboarding, organizing an all in Brazilian extravaganza for his beloved Argentinian clientele. I quote Cristophe Tack on this as during a conversation the other day he said: "Rami organized the most insane kite trip ever for those guys, they are like a group of 50 kiters of all levels having the best time and even amongst all that coaching, Rami had time to arrange a buggy for us and personally deliver it. Love you Romi!". — Noe

The guy is a man of the people and if you don't believe me yet, there is a conversation with him below to prove it. Oh, but first; Father Ocean a solid bag of tricks.