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Father Ocean by Ramiro Gallart.

Rami or Romi as some might call him might as well be president of Argentina. Maybe it's just me but I swear every time I see him he's surrounded by fellow countrymen who share the same love for mate, asados, kiteboarding and good times. Recently spotted working alongside Prema Kiteboarding, organizing an all in Brazilian extravaganza for his beloved Argentinian clientele. I quote Cristophe Tack on this as during a conversation the other day he said: "Rami organized the most insane kite trip ever for those guys, they are like a group of 50 kiters of all levels having the best time and even amongst all that coaching, Rami had time to arrange a buggy for us and personally deliver it. Love you Romi!". — Noe

The guy is a man of the people and if you don't believe me yet, there is a conversation with him below to prove it. Oh, but first; Father Ocean a solid bag of tricks.

Oi Rami, I havent seen you in ages, since the las KMO more than a year ago! what's been going on?

Maan fuck was so long ago! It had happen so much since then. A quick sum up would be; classic end of the year in uruguay, then nico gilomen came to arg and we built a park in El NIHUIL with the crew from corrocho. (El NIHUIL Video)

Well then the world just exploded we hide on a farm a few hours drive from home woth a few friends and causin and get to ride during full quarentine build some sketchy stuff there harddrive hot broken lost the footage.

Finally escape from the longest quarentine in the worl to brazil ride and teach there for two months and now back home.

Shit El Nihul feels like years ago as well! Kids always back up your footage! Haha

ahhah yeah lesson learn. Needs to happen once so you dont forget ever again. It was pretty skitz the footage we had, we had this two rusted corrugated that where so gnarly set in line was pretty fun. we will need to go back there to get some shots

You always have a good crew of argentinians traveling with you no matter where we are. Why do you think there is Overwhelming support?

dont really know where it comes all the support, i think its just how we are. we pretty social down here ahah if its not partying its doing trips together or bbq. just an idea of how its we call my house Hostel cause there is always couple of friends stayin and we all hang out there as its just in front of the spot where we kite in buenos aires

fuck yes buena onda pendejoo! Whats Premakiteboarding?

yeah its been already a few years with Prema, not really sure if it was 2015 or 2016 when we started. its based as a school but its more about the lifestyle and enjoying where we at. We may vary the spots where we go and the proportion of beginners and advance, but what always remains the same its the cool vibe it generates between the entire group wich gathers people from 20´s to late 60´s all super stoked on life.

i love that you're always so hectic organising and coaching i think its supper cool and then come to the park and rip its what its all about! Was the season in brazil any different?

thanks man, yeah it keep its fresh i always try to change what im doing from time to time. so when you doing it you fully into that.

not thaat much, kinda the difference was that not much change when the whole world changed completly. lagoons where a bit more empty and you will need to wear a mask to go to the groceries apart from that nothing changed. wind still blowing, buggys breaking and eating acai´s all day.

Well seems like no matter what happens Brazil is always brazil. What are your plans at the moment?

At the moment Im just recovering from a minor injury on my ribs, but already planning on moving some features we got to a lagoon to set a park which will stay in the water for the whole season that's gonna be a game-changer here, would be sick to have some of the park family coming over got to add nowadays Arg its even cheaper that the phillies. After that going coaching to paracas in Peru, pretty sick spot btw don't know if you had been.

Id love to visit "Hostel Romi" at some point for sure especially if it's so cheap! haha.

man you should definitely come, and yeah its a great timing now. Yeah arg open the borders to tourism this 5 December.

I like to ask people who and what inspires them to ride. Obviously, you're a pretty good skater and wakeboarder so I'm guessing more or less that. Elaborate for us

thanks tio! yeah, my first boardsport was skateboarding so it's a big part of what inspires me. I watch a bunch of skate and wake videos, some of my faves are justin figueroa, mark suciu, Milton Martinez, from the wake Pedro Caldas, Massi Piffa, Sam dehaan. Of course, I do watch as well a bunch of kite vids, but Im a bit of a video addict, and kiteboarding at the moment does not deliver so fast so frequent, so I usually run out of options pretty soon ahah

"I would say what inspires me is to feel the connected to what im doing. Just like when you have those sessions you really feel your kite, board and everything. Those sessions are the best for me they not necessarily are the ones where you land the most amount of tricks and so on but just feels natural".

That's a very poetic way to put it. I love it.

love as well to feel all those pauses in the air, and my body loose that why I played so much with my legs in my tricks. I think it's pretty skate based that, not the best with my upper body.


At this point, Alexander Hughes aka Tranq, Rowdy or Tweak joins the conversation.

Okay, Shrumdogmillionaire, how are you mate?

M80!!! whats up, all good man enjoying home at the moment.

Any idea how that name came about? It’s pretty obscure.

shrumdogmillionaire or father ocean ahahh about the nickname no much of a clue. I guess we have been joking with rummy the shhhrumy a bit of big dog by spuddy boy and at some point evolve into this haha

Father Ocean ay… few bangers in there mate, Milton would be proud.

Thanks man!! i really wonder what he would think of it (milton with kiting) as long as its fast and full send he its gonna be tf ahah. (*tf: Totally Fine)

Got quite a few people hyped, are you happy with the reception?

Yeah, man was quite surprised with the reception of it I was stoked on some tricks but we didn't put much time into filming and although at the end was looking alright in my mind was hard to assume it could be good with so little time put into it.

What’s with the name and intro? Is there something more to it that we don’t know about?

about the song and the name, its kinda big mix of things. first, it was a track we had been listing quite a bunch, we got really into it and then all the reflection and association process came. it felt somehow that with all this quarantine we lost a bit of the track and we just start following just the sun (as a metaphor of something that's good but can blind you) being back in brazil and getting free of this covid mindset felt like starting to see again.

In the same line of thought comes the name that its kinda a tribute to the ocean that we had been pushed away from it all this year and finally in brazil we met again. you for sure get what im talking about its this energy that nothing else gives you, in brazil this year i hear a lot água salgada limpa a alma; (salty water cleans the soul) and it feels quite true to me.

Seems like you and Lucas and all the other Argentine’s have been on a tear out in Brazil, you been out there a while, have you moved there?

Yeah man, we escape to brazil with all the arg crew, we were literally the first authorized flight of Latam from Buenos aires to Brasil. the first month there was more like went living we rent a house in Taiba with my sister a bunch of friends and everybody was doing home office in the morning and Cauipe in the afternoon its was sooo good. The second part of the trip was a lot more moving around and working for Prema in Galinhos.

It must have been a shock to you LF going down this year especially since you were just coming into prominence, what was that like? Either way, it doesn’t seem to have shaken you too much you’ve been on a tear ever since (and before).

Yeah LF closing was a big bummer, I kinda felt it was going to happen at some point but never so fast and so drastically. It's a pity the gear was so good. We talked about it a bit with Ewan and Tack about how this is just one more cop for rummy just the use haha. But definitely, a bigger one, especially at the moment that the covid scenario was looking darker so it felt just like ok it's done for me, let's just teach keep pushing Prema cause with LF done no comps, and this world situation its gonna be really hard to find a place.

Your Death Of Park part earlier in the year had some nice clean lines and certain smoothness about it, what was it like filming that Vs this latest part? Was that more chill, or just totally different vibes?

It was completely different shooting those two parts, DOP required way more dedication it was a process of months shooting in conditions that were way more challenging than brazil. Cauipe was more about really thinking about what I wanted to show and then just jump on the water 5/6 days of shooting and it was done. There have been some setbacks as my boots were breaking every session after 20min or not really having anyone that's really into filming it was setting the camera giving it to luquitas or my sis or a friend and go check every 15´if it was working.

That Crail Tootsie was a banger, what was the process there? Work? Or? Also the dum dum looked super proper, you don’t see many of those done well, is that something you’ve been working on?

The crail tootsie was pretty tricky with the kite position as going toeside the lines still got quite a bunch of tension=steering and grabbing long will fight with it but it ends up working. It's definitely way easier when its strong. and with the dumdum yeah was something i worked a bit on, as I been doing it for a while and I never saw many people doing it with lots of speed forward, and neither really invert. I wanted to put one of those characters in the vid

Also, your spins. Are you consciously trying to tweak/bone your rotations? Or is that just happening? That KGB540 was one of the nicer ones I’ve seen for that reason, almost made it look like a different trick.

And with the tweak in my rotation, it's consciously and I try to accentuated even more. its a bit what I was telling noe It's kinda my way of doing tricks as i come from skateboarding i usually create the inertia of my rotations with my legs and not so much with my upper body. thanks for the compliment on the kgb5 pretty stoked with it.

What are your plans for next year? Any chance of getting another park part from you? I feel like you’ve still got a lot to give.

With all this covid kinda stop doing really long-term plans as you don't really know what's gonna happen but yeah definitely will work on a park part, its what I love the most to do so it should just come naturally. Now we are working on building a park in a lagoon 1 h drive from Buenos aires which initially will have 3 rails and a kicker the whole time out there for anyone that wanna try. After im checking options maybe cape town maybe mexico, definitely will go to Peru to coach a bit as well. so yeah i think it's gonna be a pretty packed year but not sure what will end up being. really hoping we get to dome park events!!

Feel free to give some shout outs —

I wanted to thank for all the support and good vibes I get from all the crew in arg, from Green Parrot, Indiana, el Corrocho, The Arg kite association which gave us an insane kicker!! as well to all the park family which had always helped me sort out the latest cop

Thanks for talking with us homie! Hope to see you again soon!

Alex & Noe.

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