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Death of Park.

Filmed across the 2019 Kite Park League season, Death of Park takes you from smooth Hatteras winds in the Real Kiteboarding slider park all the way across the country and into the icy waters of the Hood River Slider Project.

"I wanted to make this film to show people where Kiteboarding and Park riding is at in 2019. I wanted to document the things that so often people don't get to see. I did my best to show what happened, but there were still many tricks and many riders that went un-documented. Films like this are crucial for progression and understanding, especially now with so much kite media focused on circus tricks and viral clips... someone has to do something proper" - [Alexander Lewis-Hughes].

Including Riders: Annelous Lammerts Karolina Winkowska Alexander Lewis-Hughes Ramiro Gallart Ewan Jaspan & Friends