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Who the fuck is Lucas Muzio?

Back Mobe 720. Let's shine some light on the matter and give credit where it's due.

Yep soy Noe!

Como va Noe, todo bien?

Muy bien! espero que tu también.

Primera pregunta, first question for those who don't know... Who the fuck is Lucas Muzio?

Hahaha. Just another rider who's been visualizing board sports from a very young age and so far I've been dedicated to kiteboarding for 7 years and I'm not planning on stopping at any time soon. I'm from Argentina and part of the lakes that you can find in Cordoba are kind of my home spots.

I remember you from the Junior PKRA in 2013/14. We all have come a long way since then. How old are you now?

haha yes, that's so long ago! but since then I've been training and pushing my riding. I'm 18 years old now.

That's crazy 18 still! What are you up to at the moment?

At the moment I'm staying in Turks and Caicos with my friend Kit Griffiths who's running his water sports business called "Wake to Wake" and this is keeping our days busy now.

Spending time in Turks, you are a few of the only ones who has been on the water during the pandemic?

Down here we weren't able to kite for two months but we've been out kiting and surfing since the locked down was over.

Well… so first a Mute Mobe5 and now a Back Mobe 7? How did that happen!

Thanks matey!! Lately I've just been more focused on working on my technique during the past few weeks and this allowed me to land new tricks.

Yeah, that was insane. That Mute mobe5 was really cool and then a mobe 7 only a few days later, with a clean landing all wrapped up is crazy. Respect!

Are you working on any video parts trying to put all your best clips in one edit?

My friend kit and I are in the process of filming the first of many video projects we plan on doing together and it won't necessarily have our best tricks, but it will showcase what we enjoy doing at the moment. I would love to make a video with all my best clips in the future!

One day on core and now; Slingshot!

For the last year, I was told many promises that weren't happening until Slingshot Kite showed up and made me part of their team. They were super cool and organized as a team, they kept all their promises and we're very happy to work together.

Amazing. sometimes you only need that extra confidence with support from a brand to have your riding excel and get so much better. I'm happy for you man!

I'm super stoked to ride their gear and for all the opportunities that keep coming, thank you slingshot!

You seem to have a clear idea of which way you want to progress.

Who and what inspires you to ride?

Anybody who doesn't flick their kite inspires me. I've noticed the sport is transitioning into almost gymnastics and sure putting the kite higher might make a trick easier to do but at a certain point it looks like the old big air discipline. I personally think that maintaining the kite in the same position would actually challenge many people who are getting the extra pull by moving their kites up and down on a trick.

Fair enough! seems like at the moment you need to be built for war to have a chance in competition. If you can't land from 3 stories high in the middle of chop after at least two handle passes, you're better doing something else.

Yes, it looks like in comps they don't care if you are pushing tricks with good or bad technique unless you pass the bar twice. I really hope to see big updates in the competitions soon!

Last thing, what's next for you?

Right now, I think this is just the beginning for me. For the future, I'm planning on doing more video projects and competitions. I surely want to keep improving my riding skills but trying to keep my body as healthy as possible. I'll be working on some bigger projects with my friends as well.

Looking forwards to what comes out next!

Gracias Noe, perdón por la demora recién volvemos de la playa.

Cuando quieras nos rompemos un video juntos, sería épico!

Thank you Noe, sorry for the delay we just got back from the beach.

Let's shoot a video together whenever you want, It would be epic!

For sure! let's rally the troops and make it happen!

Thank you so much for the questions Noe! Can't wait to see what happens.

Keep up with @lucasmuzio on instagram.