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Watch Tom Bridge in "Twenty Thirst"

Here is a reminder to watch Tom Bridge in his latest effort "Twenty Thirst".

Great video Tom, a breath of fresh air and inspiration. New tricks, Nbds, what are you most proud of?

Most proud of the wave/kicker section it’s the thing I enjoy the most and something I think that nowhere near enough people try to do so I’d say for sure that’s what I’m most proud of.

Next time I just want it all to be a bit more polished and I also want to go to some more unique locations Brazil and Capetown are really stock kiting locations so I’d like to venture away from that and found some new spots.

Yeah I agree! I also find that new locations are exciting to try new tricks at and kickers especially those are always different everywhere so for the people watching it’s always an extra bit entertaining.

Yeah for sure just having new setups that you haven’t ridden before is sick. Riding flat water is just like skating the same skatepark over again, fun for a bit but gets long in the tooth.

So excited for Hatteras.

So hyped for Hatteras, it will be fun. Excited to see you hit the kicker.