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Tom Bridge's "Light Work" part.

Tom Bridge is one for always doing very unpredictable things. But how's a video part in the year 2020 for unpredictable? Not to mention it's stacked with NBD's, double flips, and toeside (almost) everything...

As soon as I found out Tom was releasing this video part I hit him up to chat and have him put things into context. You can read our little rant below.

November 16, 2020 9:15 pm

Oi let's talk about your new part on Knot future since I'm guessing probably no mags give a damn... If they do, i apologize and congratulate you. If not, lets run it haha

Hahaha nah course they haven’t they’re just asking about Kota entry lol

How we doing it? Wanna jump on a call tomorrow

Hahahah fucking kota Yes we can do that We can just chat like this too

Whatever suits

So “Light work” as in... ? Fireworks? Haha.

Hahahaha Mostly just to piss people off, most of the tricks in it were more hard work more than anything but yeah just thought it was a funny name and I think it’ll stick in peoples heads

I'm hoping for some fireworks. It's always harder than you think, you’re still keeping up with your Instagram clips though are those the leftovers? When was the last time you went on a trip?

Yeah it is, it’s tricky to balance filming for the edit but then also keeping sponsors happy with posting on here so yeah most of the clips you’ve seen on Instagram are not in the edit I think there’s just one that made it.

Fuck. I think Capetown start of the year which was for a product shoot so wouldn’t call it a proper trip and I guess I can’t really count Denmark as I only kiter for 5 minutes.

Yeah shit what happened there in Denmark you were there and then I saw your knee was fucked and the next thing I know you’re back posting more clips.


Crazy so you’ve been at home for like a year? A lot has been going on besides kitting..did you take on a manager job at your kite shop or am I wrong.

Yeah, so it was weird. I first had that injury surfing so pretty much I was tweaking my mcl. First did it the day before South Africa ended up just not telling north and just riding with like half an mcl. And then yeah ended up up doing it 8 months later in Denmark carving on a wave so that was shit. But yeah it’s a weird one about a week after I do it normally I’m back doing stuff. Just have to ease into it. But it’s never happened doing any tricks just going over the falls and doing a carve. But I’m doing a bit more here now just too prevent it from happening.

Yeah been home for the whole year. It's been fun though. I’ve been skating heaps and surfing and just filming it’s been good

Yeah dude looks like you live in such a good place for all of that.

Good flat water and waves skatepark looks fun too.

Yeah so my parents shop recently moved to new premises down on the beach and it’s a nice place to be so yeah when I’m free I’m down there just helping out flogging wetsuits to mills ages woman. Yeah it’s nice I think the uk is fairly underrated.

Might have to come visit and get a tour of the spots haha Who do you film with? Brother?

Would be sick. Like there’s a lot of shit to do

Or is it a big ass redbull production?

Yeah so invested in a gh5 and a decent lens and paid olly to stand on the beach for a few session and then also guy was doing some filming with the drone. And then there’s the odd GoPro clip thrown in. Deffo not a big redbull production but they helped a lot with funding it and just seeing what I could do with a bit of time and some money so I’m the future next 2/3 years there will be a big redbull production

Yeah thats great, I love getting the family involved is always a bit more relaxed to work like that, specially if you’re trying new tricks. Looking forwards to that redbull video in a few years. What is the main goal with the video part? Let's talk about inspiration in and outside of kitting? I'm guessing skateboarding takes a big place.

Yea t’s nice to work with people who are just always there and got your back when you need.

So Inspo: Yeah well if I’ll be honest I hate the kite industry is run like I dislike how it’s not about the sport anymore and just about money. Which is fair enough. To stay afloat you got to make money. But it could be done in a more discrete manner. Most of the inspiration has been from skating. But then also I’ve tried to make it traditional English and not just “the queen” because England is more than that like it’s all about grime and greyness, murky water. The UK in my opinion is three things. Pub, pint, a packet of crisps. That’s just it and I wanted it to look murky and dark and cold because that’s actually what it’s like it’s very far from perfect. And I wanted to portray that.

Also, I’m very inspired by how shit looks how I look on the water that’s massive for me like if I’m not feeling the way I look like I’m not gonna be putting anything down.

Very good sir very interesting. I love that you’re embracing England and trying to portray the beauty in it. Pub pint and crisps!

We are in some funny times with kitting and there are so many cooks in the kitchen. With all the disciplines and every rider trying to steer the sport their own way its hard sometimes people forget its not actually a discipline competition. We can all live in harmony. In the end it’s up to you on your own to make kitting whatever you want it to be.

It just may not be what sells kites to the majority but it still is kitting.

I think that the industry is very appealing to those 30-50 year old kiters which is cool but we also need to think of many other groups of people. For example all those kids who are already skating, snowboarding, and surfing who have no interest in kitting because its not something cool to them at all. If you know what i mean, Its not cool to them because all they see is some kook getting tea bagged down the beach with an impact vest and a board leash on.

Exactly they have no interest in it. As soon as kids are choosing between going skating or going kiting then the sport will grow massively and it’s image will change. And I think with things like knot future and doing cool shit which appeals to a younger audience, is helping for sure.

thats the idea, I wish I had more time to just work on it but we do what we can haha is the video part done then? you been filming for how long? what are your plans now? Are you gonna enter the GKA?

Been filming since March so about 8 months now it’s pretty much done I’m just gonna get a few more tricks this week then it’ll be done. But yeah it’s aabout 30 seconds from being finished.

thats epic! on the home stretch now

I’m not sure so definitely going yo be going to cape town for sure. I’ll do the kota if I get in but I doubt I will I think they all hate me in that event. Gka hmmm there is a lot of pressure for me to do it for sure and I feel like if I wanted to go and do it and do the tricks that actually count I could for sure it’s just I don’t agree with a trick being given a number and also I wouldn’t change the way I ride just for a couple of judges. If I was going to do it I would do the same stuff as I do when I’m free riding I wouldn’t win but maybe it would turn heads

well if anything the riding in the GKA can be changed from the indisde, the riders there now are happy the way it is because thats what they train for but if someone else came in and did stuff different it would definitely open their eyes to a new path the best thing that happened this year with corona is that those guys are actually freeriding and have time to experiment with new things. I mean look at liam this summer or max, cocoluto even I saw louka pitot in Sicily and he was telling me how sick gspots looked I gave him some tips and a week later he was trying pete rose 7's normally they'd spend a summer training 4 tricks

Yeah that is true but do any of them have the balls to go do that stuff in a contest?

I mean it’s understandable why they wouldn’t but would be fun to see.

is it about balls or just 7 trick attempts not being enough to experiment and try anything other than those 4 tricks to get the score?

Nah true. Yeah and also popping from toe side in chopp is a complete gamble for sure.

totally haha russian roulette

Lets put this out before the video comes out?

Up to you mate whenever is fine. Maybe like the day after.

December 3, 2020 12:52 pm

Oi mate got any screengrabs or photos to go in this KF post with your video?

Ha Oi! Only shit ones not gonna lie. Got no photos really just screen grabs.

Can you like post a clip on the interview?

yeah its fine all good!

Okay mint, excited for the vid from Italy

Should be online Sunday!

*Please embrace all grammatical errors. The conversation wasn't edited to maintain the genuine purpose of the matter. And someone please take some photos of Tom already.