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Tom Seager vs Noe Font - Game of Kite.

Tom Seager and Noe Font go head to head in this KF Game of Kite.

1v1 until one rider eliminates the other by completing 4 tricks the other cannot perform.

1v1 until one rider eliminates the other by completing 4 tricks the other cannot perform.

K.I.T.E Rules:

-Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who goes first.

-The winning rider gets to set the first trick.

-Following rider must complete the trick clean to avoid scoring a letter.

-If the rider setting the trick doesn’t complete their trick, the turn goes to the other rider.

-The setting rider holds their turn until he cannot complete the trick they are setting.

-The game is over once one rider cannot complete the set trick 4 times. Each crash scoring you a letter from the word: (K.I.T.E) On the last letter, E, the following rider has two attempts to complete the set trick.

Trick execution rules. These will be judged by the referee and will induce a repeat for the defensive rider or invalidate a trick for setting rider:

-Kite must be at a reasonable position (approx. 45 degrees)

-No down/kiteloops

-No buttcheck Grabs must be held with a closed hand in the correct position on the board (no slaps/taps)

-Kite check in the water

-Not executing a trick fully (eg not completing enough of a backroll/frontroll/raley before the handlepass)

-Larger margin of error for the defensive rider.

These instanced rule as a crash:

-Missing the handle Passing to leash or CL

-Board coming out of the water during a butt check

-Coming to a stop after a trick

-Crashing the kite

-Any obvious crash as ruled by the referee

-Straight purposeful ‘lunch’

Other Miscellaneous Rules:

-Switch tricks only count if you have performed it as regular

-A rider does not have to complete a trick in the same stance as the trick is set (eg, you can counter the trick on whatever your strong stance is)

-Only flat water tricks count

-No hooked in tricks

-No trick repeats

-A trick can be repeated with a different grab

-You must call your trick before you do it, and execute it as stated.