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KF Rewinds to The DR Mix by DRE.

Welcome to Knot Future Rewinds, we go back in time and watch some of our favorite flicks.

The year was 2012. Kitescoop still existed, there was still hope. I remember thinking I hadn’t seen anything from the prophet in a while (Andre Phillip that is). Then this DR Mix dropped from nowhere, it opened with a double off a wave kicker and every kiter with any understanding lost their mind. NBD. Uncharted territory, something Dre was all too privy to. It’s sad to think some kids these days don’t even know who Dre is, sacrilege! Know your roots, know your history. If you haven’t seen this video or the rest of Dre's work, start digging!

Much respect Dre, Thank you.

The DR Mix was filmed by Shabs Kirchner featuring Andre Phillip.