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Game of Kite Nina vs Karolina.

Nina Font (ESP) vs Karolina Winkowska (POL)

1v1 until one rider eliminates the other by completing 4 tricks the other cannot perform. K.I.T.E Rules: Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who goes first. Winning rider gets to set the first trick. Following rider must complete the trick clean to avoid scoring a letter. If the rider setting the trick doesn’t complete their trick, the turn goes to the other rider. The setting rider holds their turn until he cannot complete the trick they are setting. The game is over once one rider cannot complete the set trick 4 times. Each crash scoring you a letter from the word: (K.I.T.E) On the last letter, E, the following rider has two attempts to complete the set trick. Trick execution rules. These will be judged by the referee: These rules will induce a repeat for the defensive rider, and will invalidate a trick for setting rider: Kite must be at a reasonable position (approx. 45 degrees) No down/kiteloops No buttcheck Grabs must be held with a closed hand in the correct position on the board (no slaps/taps) Kite check in the water Not executing a trick fully (eg not completing enough of a backroll/frontroll/raley before the handlepass) Larger margin of error for defensive rider These instanced rule as a crash: Missing the handle Passing to leash or CL Board coming out of the water during a butt check Coming to a stop after a trick Crashing the kite Any obvious crash as ruled by the referee Straight purposeful ‘lunch’ Other Miscellaneous Rules: Switch tricks only count if you have performed it as regular A rider does not have to complete a trick in the same stance as the trick is set (eg, you can counter the trick on whatever your strong stance is) Only flat water tricks count No hooked in tricks No trick repeats A trick can be repeated with a different grab You must call your trick before you do it, and execute it as stated.