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REWINDS to Fully Automatic.

Eric Rienstra IS kiteboarding. When the park is set and the cameras are rolling, like a good AK-47 The Predator goes Fully Automatic.

Always one for promoting proper execution over all else, this video is still remembered by many for throwing all the inverts with a 360 (mobes) off a solid kicker and provided inspiration for many of the new generation of park rats. We still think the way Reinstra throws inverts looks so good, he’s just got his own style about him and makes it look smooth. Hopefully, we can still get another full park part out of him yet! Long live the Predator.

"It was the spring of 14, Nate Dawg and I were kickin it in Cape Hatteras and he said it was about time we made a proper video segment.  A majority of the footage had already been shot so we only needed a few more shots to tie the whole thing together.  We got to shooting and rattled off the shots in a couple sessionsI I had spent the last few years progressing my way through most of the mobe variations off the kicker but my goal was to feature them all.  So we went out on the last session and I basically learned Dum Dum and KGB.  Crashing Dum Dums was mellow, but I remember taking so many back edges and just feeling like I was lost in the air on the KGB that I thought I was going to fall one trick short.  My body was beat from all the crashes but there was still wind so I pressed on.  I looked at the camera to try to figure out what was going on and then finally got the pass for once!  I knew right then that I had it, now I just needed to land it clean for the camera.  Next attempt: BOOM!  You can see me look back at Nate in the video after the KGB because that was the first one I ever landed!  Overall I think it's my best overall edit for sure!  My only regret is that I could not land a less pre spun Slim Chance.  Fuck that trick is hard!  Stay tuned for the Fully Automatic Reload coming as soon as I can land a proper Slim 5 off the kicker... "

Eric Rienstra

Fully Automatic by Nate Appel featuring Eric Rienstra.