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Noè Font in "Africa Mixtapes"

"Africa Mixtapes" is a compilation of my two trips to Africa at the beginning of 2020.

The first expedition to Kenya was a great time, and although the wind never exceeded 12 knots, the thrill of visiting a new country made up for it. The landscapes we found ourselves in, and the wildlife that occupied this region was all straight out of "Nat Geo."

After Kenya, the plan was to head down to Cape Town. The season was coming to an end there, and with KOTA already completed, the crowds were gone, so I figured it would be quiet, providing lighter winds, more practical for filming in the waves. It turns out the season was over before I expected, so I left South Africa with only a couple of sessions seared onto my hard drive.

As the bout of 2020 careened forward, we got skunked with wind during the second trip to this expansive country; on par with the momentum 2020 has supplied the universe thus far. Instead of attempting to illustrate the impractical, I decided to shift the focus of the video towards the experience rather than the riding itself. Filming is never easy, and sometimes you have to settle with what you have. At the same time, I've been collecting footage for over a year now. I present "Africa Mixtapes," serving as a preview for the framework that's being rehearsed behind the curtain. Stay tuned.

Africa Mixtapes is a KF original by Noe Font presented by Duotone Kiteboarding and ION. Filmed by Manel Arpa, Tom Court, Jop Heemskerk, Ewan Jaspan and Noe Font.

Special thanks to Tribe Watersports and Ocean Sports Resort (Kenya), Dave Pienaar (South Africa), On8mil Film Lab, and everyone else involved.